Websites for Articulation Activities

Websites for Articulation Activities

Articulation- /R/ Sound Activities

/R/ Blends Game
/R/ Blends Game
Vocalic /R/ Sound Games
Matching /R/ Practice
Medial /er/ Word Games
Read & Write Stories With Your /R/ Sound
/or/ Picture Match-Up
/ar/ Picture Match-Up
/or/ Challenge Board
Final /er/ Challenge
Articulation Hangman- Select "Challenge Games" then your targeted sound
R Last Gasp
/R/ Battleship: Beginning /R/ Single Syllable
R United States
R ticulation Practice
"Surfer Girl" /er/ practice- Read this book aloud
ARchie's AR Game- /ar/ Initial Sounds
Final Vocalic /R/ Sounds
SupER /er/ Words
MeRYL's /rl/ Phrases
Initial /R/ Thesaurus- Synonyms & /R/ Practice
Initial /R/ Board Games
R You Ready to Practice Medial?
R You Ready to Practice Final?
Medial /R/ Board Game
Final /R/ Board Game
What Ends With /R/?
Itsy Bitsy /R/ Book
/R/ Worksheet- Print & Practice
/R/ Speedy Speech!
/R/ Practice
Vocalic /R/ Flashcards
Initial, Medial & Final /R/- Animated Power Points (click on articulation, then go to initial, medial or final sound)
/Ra/ Quiz
/Re/ Quiz
/Ro/ Quiz
/R/ Sentence Story # 2
/R/ Sentence Story # 1
Practice These /R/ Tongue Twisters
/R/ Words Worksheet # 1
/R/ Initial Position Picture Match-Up
/R/ Initial Position Picture Match-Up
/R/ Initial Position Picture Match-Up
/R/ and /R/ Blends- All Positions Pictures
/R/ Blends- Initial Position Picture Games
/R/ Medial Position Pictures
/R/ Final Position Picture Match
All Positions /R/ Pictures (no blends)
/R/ and /S/ Picture Match-Up Games
/R/ Sentence Practice
Carryover Ideas for Speech Sounds
Halloween Hangman With /R/ Words
Thanksgiving Hangman With /r/ Words
Win OR Lose
Speech Pyramid- /R/
Interactive "R" Exercises
Click on one of the links. These exercises have a student match the verbal presentation of the target sound given. The sound is then embedded in a sentence.
Thanksgiving Word Search and Concentration with /R/

Articulation activities

** A note to parents: Some of these websites may contain links to other sites. It is impossible to check every link to each site. Guided assistance with a responsible adult is always recommended when students are surfing the web.

Disclaimer: To the best of my knowledge, sites listed are appropriate for students and their families. If you find otherwise, please notify me immediately and I will remove them at once. Please feel free to give me feedback at any time, or to let me know about favorite websites that you would like added.

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