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Pottstown Middle School

 Pottstown Middle School 

600 North Franklin Street   |   Pottstown, PA 19464
Phone: (610) 970-6665   |   Fax: (610) 970-8738

Mr. Brian Hostetler

Danielle Davis
5 & 6 Grade Asst. Principal

Michael Ishler 
7/8 Grade Asst. Principal

Mrs. Kelly Ortlip 

April Doherty 
Attendance Secretary

About Us:

The Pottstown Middle School serves approximately 1000 students in grades 5 through 8 in the borough of Pottstown. Additionally, we support and educate all students with a professional and support staff of roughly 140. We believe in educating the whole child and our school embraces a focus on physical, intellectual, social, and emotional growth during the developmental middle-level years while integrating a challenging curriculum through all content areas.

Our school community is driven by the Middle School Vision: 
PMS is a collaborative community where students feel inspired to grow academically, socially & emotionally at every level.

Middle School News

Ice Ride

"Ice Ride" Entertainment For a Stay at Home day

Thanks to Mrs. Katie German Pottstown Middle School Band Director and the 7/8 grade band for a virtual "Ice Ride" concert on a cold snowy day in February. 

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The Latino Community & COVID-19

Local healthcare and community leaders will share the latest information on prevention, vaccines, and answer your questions and concerns.
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Congratulations on the 2nd Marking Period Honor Roll.

2nd Marking Period Honor Roll

Congratulations on the 2nd Marking Period Honor Roll.

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Boxed Meals Friendly Reminder

Just a friendly reminder about the boxed meals. All hot items in the foil need to be cooked at 365 degrees for 15-20 minutes. If heating in the microwave, please remove items from foil before heating. Oven temperature may vary. Keep cold items refrigerated until needed.
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Pottstown Pride Fall 2020

The Fall 2020 edition of Pottstown Pride proves once again that Hard Work Pays Off. COVID could not slow down the work ethic of Pottstown School District students,staff and alumni. They make every second count. Read about all of their achievements and you will know why we say Proud to be from Pottstown.
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winter sports

Restart of Pottstown School District Winter Sports

Happy to announce the restart of Pottstown School District Winter sports. See link to all updated schedules. Thank you for supporting our student athletes as they represent our school and community. Athletic Schedules Link to website.
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mlk art

Martin Luther King Youth Arts Competition

1st Annual Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. On the Creative Market Blog - More than Just a Day Off: Remembering Martin Luther King Jr.
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PMS Schedule Changes and Blended Learning

Please take a few minutes to watch the linked video below about some upcoming schedule changes.

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Middle School School Band Champions Raise Above COVID

Congratulations to Pottstown Middle School 7th and 8th grade Band, recently under the direction of their teacher Mrs. Katherine German they performed a virtual concert production of the piece "Champions Rising" composed by Adrian Sims. During an after concert watch party the band met virtually with the composer of the piece, Adrian Sims, for a question and answer session.
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Honor Roll

Honor Roll Report - MP1 2020

PSD 2020-21 First Marking Period Honor Roll-revised   -    Congratulations to students who earned academic honors during the 1st marking period. COVID has given us all new challenges to overcome. Virtual or in person hard work pays off.
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Pottstown Middle School Virtual Schedule

We are now just over a week into our virtual learning. We are looking at some minor revisions to our class schedules. For students in 7th and 8th grade, we will shift to an odd/even day rotation. Students will have periods 1/2/3 on EVEN days and 4/5/6 on ODD days. This change will begin on Tuesday September 8th with ODD days (periods 4/5/6). Please see the schedules linked below.

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Pottstown Middle School Job Well Done

Pottstown Middle School students in Ms.Christren Hall's class can check off a job well done when it comes to doing their part to help bring fresh drinking water to a village in South Sudan Africa. Earlier this year they organized a fundraising walk as part of the Iron Giraffe Challenge,sponsored by the Water for South Sudan organization. More +

Overview of the Opportunity Scholarship Tax Credit Program

The opportunity Scholarship Tax Credit Program provides scholarships to eligible students who wish to attend a participating public or nonpublic school of their choice.
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Opt In to Receive PSD Text Notification

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Text yes to 87569 
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Middle School Dress Code Guidelines

Middle School Dress Code Guidelines

The Pottstown School District will have new dress code guidelines for the upcoming school year.  The purpose is to ensure an environment supportive of student learning. Please click on the link to view guidelines.
Attention!  PMS Car and Bus Line Procedures

Attention! PMS Car and Bus Line Procedures


Drop off and pick up traffic patterns for Pottstown Middle School.  


In cooperation with the Pottstown Police Department, we have developed new drop off and pick up procedures in an effort to increase the safety around the Middle School campus.    


All local non school related traffic will be diverted off Franklin Street onto Nightingale Street. All traffic coming down Franklin which passes by Nightingale Street will be directed into our carline.   No pick-ups or drop-offs will be allowed in front of the school or on the neighboring streets. Traffic patterns will be modified on school days in the morning from 7:15 to 7:45 AM and in the afternoon from 2:15 to 2:45 PM. 


In an effort to help clarify the patterns, two maps have been attached. One shows the patterns directly around the school while the other shows streets and patterns in the community surrounding the Middle School. A video will follow shortly to help explain the process.


We appreciate your support in keeping our students and staff safe.  Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Click HERE for PMS car and bus line procedures.

Click HERE for PMS traffic patterns.




· Breakfast begins at 7:20am and ends at 7:45am -
students should enter via the main entrance doors, breakfast is free to all students daily.

·   The middle school doors open for all students at 7:20am.
Please report to cafeteria for breakfast or gymnasium

· The middle school start time is 7:55 am, all students should be in homeroom by 7:55. 
If they are not in homeroom by 7:55am they will be considered late.

Upcoming Events

Volunteer Information

Please click here to see all that you need to become a volunteer for Pottstown School District.

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Educational Slip Permission Slip

Request for Excused Absence from school for a pre-planned non-school-sponsored educational tour or trip.
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