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 Our goal is to provide not only a safe school environment, but one that limits the exposure of illnesses to others. We understand that while it is sometimes inconvenient to keep a sick child home, school exclusion is necessary to keep our school community healthy. 

Please refer to the following school guidelines when deciding whether your child should come to school:

  • Your child will need to stay home if he/she has a temperature of 100 degrees or greater. Your child’s temperature should be below 100 degrees for at least 24 hours without the use of Tylenol or Ibuprofen before returning to school.
  • Children with vomiting and/or diarrhea are to be kept home for at least 24 hours after the last episode. Your child should be tolerating a regular diet before returning to school.
  • Children with suspected infectious diseases (i.e. pink eye, strep throat, ringworm, impetigo) must be kept home until verification from your health care provider can be obtained. Some illnesses require physician certificate to return to school. Please refer to the student handbook for more information.
  • Children with severe sore throat, excessive cough or a cough that produces phlegm, severe headache, earache, or stomach ache that prevents them from eating/drinking should remain home.
  • If your child appears unusually tired, irritable, pale or has an unusual lack of appetite.
  • Strep throat and scarlet fever – are highly contagious.
    Your child should be seen by a doctor and should be kept home and treated with antibiotics. Usually, the child can return 24 hours after starting the antibiotic if they are fever free. A doctor’s note is required.
  • Chicken pox – is also highly contagious. It is important that your child stay home for at least a week from the time you notice the first symptoms, and at least two days after the last spot has appeared and all lesions are dry. Please let the school know that your child has chicken pox. A doctor’s note is required.
  • Fifth disease – is mildly contagious. It usually starts with a low grade fever and tiredness, along with a rash on the cheeks and spreading to the arms and thighs. If the only symptom is the rash, the child may come to school.
  • Impetigo – is a skin condition where a pustule ruptures and becomes crusted. A child needs to be on antibiotics for 24 hours before they return to school and a doctor’s note is required.
  • Ringworm – is a skin condition where the area becomes red, itchy and scaly in a circular spot which increases in size. Medication and a doctor’s note is required.
  • Scabies– is a skin condition that presents as a itchy rash of the fingers, wrist and abdomen. The itching is usually worse at night. Medication and a doctor’s note is required.

A doctor’s note may be required if the child is sent home with an “undetermined” rash.

Students who are sent to school with the above symptoms may be asked to return home for the health, safety and wellness of our entire school community.

Thank you for your continued efforts in helping to keep our school healthy!


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