Our Academics

Our Academics


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The Pottstown School District has written curriculum to state and national standards. These content standards clearly identify what is to be taught. The state assessment (PSSA) measures achievement of the content standards in reading, writing, and mathematics.

Performance, as well as content standards, are necessary components of a standards-based system. The District is developing quarterly assessments to more clearly define the level of learning that is expected at each grade level (elementary) and within each course (Middle School and High School).

Currently, the staff is incorporating the state defined "assessment anchors" (PSSA-Assessment Anchors) into the curriculum, organizing the content into more focused units, and developing quarterly assessments to provide feedback to students and parents regarding student achievement toward curricular priorities.

Career and Technology (CTE)

StudentsPottstown School District is proud to offer students in grades 10 through 12 a career and technical education (CTE), along with the rigorous academic foundation needed for success after high school. Students who successfully complete one of Pottstown’s CTE programs are prepared for employment and post-secondary education, often having already earned college credits.

Pottstown High School is unique in that CTE programs are offered within the same building as academic classes. Because it is a comprehensive high school, Pottstown High School’s students do not need to be transported elsewhere for their technical education. Our students are not subjected to the scheduling conflicts, variant or repeated lessons, or missed extra-curricular activities that may concern students in other districts.

Career and technical education affords students the opportunity to study math, science, and English in real world application, including actual projects within the Pottstown community. Students further demonstrate their skills on state-mandated, standardized tests. Students strive for advanced performance in both their academic and technical programs.

Virtual and Alternative Learning

Pottstown School District's Virtual and Alternative Learning Academy offers flexible online learning for students in grades K-12.

Why Choose Online Learning?
Often, a one-on-one approach is what it takes to realize a child’s innermost possibility. Pottstown School District's Virtual and Alternative Learning Academy adapts to fit every child by combining unique curriculum, dedicated teachers, involved parents or guardians, and a technology platform built for virtual schools.

What We Offer

  • A high-quality, public school education
  • Support from passionate, experienced, licensed teachers
  • Flexible pacing and an individualized approach to learning
  • An active, supportive school community
  • Additional programs - Academic Enrichment Academy and Blended Learning Academy
  • An exceptional curriculum developed by Connections Education specifically for online learning 

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