RTII for Speech/Language

RTII for Speech/Language



RTII for Speech and Language


What is RTII?

RTII, or Response to Intervention and Instruction, is a model of service delivery that is accessible to students who have a speech difference that is not on the level of their same-aged peers (i.e. a 4th grade student who substitutes a "th" for an "s" sound). The RTII model is currently used as a way to provide instruction to struggling learners in a multi-tiered approach. Intense instruction, data collection, and progress monitoring are all integral parts of this model. 

Which students receive Speech RTII services?

Students who do not pass screenings in articulation, language, fluency, and social skills may be eligible to participate in the Pottstown School District’s Response to Intervention and Instruction Program (RTII) for speech/language.  If the student is eligible for RTII services, the speech-language pathologist will send home a letter reviewing the results of the screening as well as a parental permission form to participate in the program.

What happens once my child begins Speech RTII?

Your child will receive intensive, weekly instruction. At each grading quarter, the collected data will be analyzed to determine if sufficient progress is being made. If so, your student may either exit or continue in the program, depending on his/her needs. If not, we may formally request permission to perform detailed testing to determine the need for an Individualized Education Plan (IEP).

How are Speech RTII services provided?

Students in the Speech RTII program are generally serviced in a small group that meet in the Speech & Language room. 

Is Speech RTII a special education program?

No. The Speech RTII program is not a special education program.  It is designed to provide therapy appropriate to a student’s mild needs at the time.

Who can I contact if I have any additional questions regarding the Speech RTII program?

You are always welcome to contact Mrs. Sellman at Rupert Elementary for more information. 

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