Student Emails

Student Emails

Login Protocol

New Student Email Protocol


1st initial, last name up to 15 characters, and the last 4 numbers of their student IDs.  If you do not know your student ID#, log into Home Access Center to obtain this ID.   CLICK HERE TO GO TO HOME ACCESS CENTER

EXAMPLE: [email protected] 

NOTE: No special characters will be in the email. Example: hyphens 

Their passwords are: Psd12345

(Important note: High School and Middle School will immediately be prompted to reset this email. This will NOT happen for Elementary, they will retain the default.)

Student Emails

In accordance with policy 815, Acceptable Use Policy, students should only use this account for educational purposes and should keep the account information private. Students will need to comply with the Acceptable Use Policy when using the email account and will be disciplined accordingly for violations.

Emails are provided to Pottstown School District students.

Grades 9-12 can email each other and send and receive emails outside the district. 

  • Communicate and receive information in a safe/filtered environment.
  • Apply college/career ready skills relative to communication and productivity.
  • Share files and collaborate with student peers and/or teachers.

Grades k-8 can email their teachers and their teachers can email them only. 

  • Communicate and receive information in a safe/filtered environment.
  • These grade levels can not email each other and can not send or receive emails outside the district.

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