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Effective communication is an important tool to allow us to engage students, staff, parents and all stakeholders in support of student achievement. Pottstown School District will be using the School Messenger notification system to send out important updates and messages to our families, including alerts regarding school closures, safety information, events, attendance, and general information.

School Messenger works using the information and settings you select in your PowerSchool Parent account (i.e. contact information, preferences on what messages you would like to receive from the district, etc.)


SchoolMessenger allows us to send text notifications regarding school closures, delays and emergencies. Text notifications will always be in addition to the email and phone call you traditionally receive during these situations. In order to receive text notifications from PSD, you will need to opt in.

Opt-in at any time by texting "Y" to 67587
Opt-out at any time by texting "STOP" to 

PLEASE NOTE: In order to opt-in to receive text message notifications from Pottstown School District, your phone number must be listed in PowerSchool and you must sign up below for a School Messenger account:

 Click one of the icons below to download the School Messenger app for your mobile device:

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Q & A

What is the SchoolMessenger app?

The SchoolMessenger app is the next generation of the app that has been known as SchoolMessenger InfoCenter. The updated app includes new features and options and replaces the InfoCenter app.

How is the SchoolMessenger app different from SchoolMessenger InfoCenter?

The SchoolMessenger app adds a significant new feature, teacher-initiated messaging. This allows you to use the app to communicate with your student’s teacher, individually or in groups, and to exchange files (such as permission slips, photos from field trips, etc.) also all from within the app, if supported by your school or district.

My school already has its own mobile app. Do the features of the new SchoolMessenger app work with my school’s app?

You’ll continue to use the school-branded mobile app and, if there’s a function needed that’s provided by the SchoolMessenger app, the SchoolMessenger app will be automatically launched from within your school-branded mobile app. After the SchoolMessenger app’s functionality is no longer being used, you’ll be returned to the school-branded app. It’s like how the Facebook and Facebook Messenger apps work together.

If I already have the InfoCenter app installed, what do I need to do?

Nothing, if your smartphone is set to automatically update its mobile apps. The new SchoolMessenger app replaced the SchoolMessenger InfoCenter app during an update.

Is there any cost to upgrade to the new SchoolMessenger app?

No. The standard app with teacher-initiated messaging is free and the rest of its features are equivalent to InfoCenter.

Where can I download the mobile app?

The SchoolMessenger app is now available on the Android Google Play and Apple iOS app stores under the name “SchoolMessenger.

Are the web app features the same as the mobile app?

Yes. For those who prefer to use a website instead of a mobile app (or who don’t have easy access to a smartphone), the SchoolMessenger app’s functions are online at

What are some of the main capabilities of the new teacher-initiated messaging?

New capabilities include both individual and group (e.g., classes, sports teams, PTO groups) two-way messaging; the ability for teachers and families to exchange files, images, and videos (e.g., photographed permission slips); and the ability for you to review all notifications and messages related to your schools and district in a single, scrollable, “stream” view.

How does my student’s teacher connect to me through the app?

Your school may automatically identify teachers and their students and notify you. Or, a teacher may send out invitations with a class code, which then allows you to be tied to a specific a teacher for your student.

Can the SchoolMessenger app be extended with add-on features from my school?

Yes, there are additional modules that can be turned on at the district level. Examples include individual student information and student absence reporting, all within the app. Your school will let you know if and when those added features are available.

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