Chromebook Acceptance Information

Chromebook Acceptance Information

Chromebook Acceptance

girl using chromebookEach student at the Pottstown Senior High School will be provided with an opportunity to receive a Chromebook which can be used at school and at home. More information is available in the “One to One Student handbook” which is accessible on the district website at

Students are responsible to adhere to the Pottstown School Board of Directors’ Policy 815: Utilization of Technology located online:

Students and Parents/Guardians are responsible to adhere to the guidelines and information outlined in the One to One Chromebook Handbook for Students and Parents/Guardians.

Important Points to Remember

  • If we do not receive the Chromebook Acceptance form signed by both parent/guardian and student, a device will NOT be issued.
  • The Chromebook must stay in the district-issued case.
  • Charge your Chromebook each night so it is ready for school. Battery should last 10 hours if fully charged.
  • Chargers should not be brought to school. When the Chromebook is collected, the collection includes the device assigned to the student, case, the charger block, and the charger cable.
  • All repairs must be done through the Pottstown School District.
  • The Chromebooks are attached to a serial number that will be associated with your student ID.
  • The Chromebook can only be logged in with a valid Pottstown email address and password.
  • The district maintains the ability to track, locate and lock a lost or stolen Chromebook.
  • The Chromebook is the property of the school district and the user should have no expectation of privacy.

Optional Insurance Program

My School Bucks is the online method to pay for your student's optional Chromebook insurance.  



to go to the instructions to set up a My School Bucks account. This account is needed to pay for your student's optional Chromebook insurance online.   

This is your online method to pay by credit card. You can pay cash at the school.


  • 9th grade - $75 one-time fee to cover 4 years or $25/year.
  • 10th - 12th grade - $25/year 
  • This fee covers acidental damage repair to the Chromebook assigned to the student. 
  • This fee will not cover intentional damage, loss, theft or damage caused by spills. It will also not cover outright loss of the Chromebook or replacement of Chromebook cover, charger or cable.
  • Intentional mistreatment caused by the assigned student user, or by an individual other than the assigned user, will result in disciplinary action to include the repair or retail replacement cost, as well as potential police involvement.
  • By declining, or opting out of the accidental damage insurance, you agree to pay the repair or retail replacement charge for any damage caused when using the device in or out of school, which is the same requirement for any other school-issued material.
  • In the event of an incident, any applicable charges must be paid before a replacement Chromebook can be taken home.

Chromebook Acceptance and Optional Insurance Form

Description of Parent and Student responsibility including sign off form to be handed in at the time of Chromebook pickup. Including a description of insurance program and options to opt in or out.
This handbook is a user's guide to the implementation of our District's 1:1. It will answer all of your relevant questions. It will also provide pertinent information that students will need.
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