Chromebook Responsibility Form 2023-24

Chromebook Responsibility Form 2023-24

Chromebook Responsibility

girl using chromebookThe Pottstown School District will provide students with a taxpayer-funded Chromebook which the student and parent is financially responsible for and must reimburse the district if lost, stolen, or damaged. More details about the rules and guidelines are available 1:1 Chromebook Handbook (right).

Students are responsible to adhere to the Pottstown School Board of Directors’ Technology Policy 815

Students and Parents/Guardians are responsible to adhere to the guidelines and information outlined in the 1:1 Chromebook Handbook for Students and Parents/Guardians.

Important Points to Remember

  • You are financially responsible for any damage, breakage, theft or loss of district-issued Chromebooks
  • The Chromebook must stay in the district-issued case, if applicable.
  • Charge your Chromebook each night so it is ready for school. The battery should last 10 hours if fully charged.
  • Chargers should not be brought to school, but you must return the chargers upon request, in working order.
  • When the Chromebook is collected, the collection includes the device assigned to the student, the case, the charger block, and the charger cable.
  • Chromebooks are on loan from the district and will need to be returned when requested.
  • All repairs must be done through the Pottstown School District.
  • The Chromebooks are attached to a serial number that will be associated with your student ID. Additionally, the serial number cannot be covered with stickers.
  • The Chromebook can only be logged in with a valid Pottstown email address and password.
  • The district maintains the ability to track, locate, and lock a lost or stolen Chromebook.
  • The Chromebook is the property of the school district, and the user has no expectation of privacy.
  • If a student debt is incurred due to damage, loss, etc of a Chromebook, that debt must be satisfied in order for the student to be eligible for any co-curricular activity, including graduation, prom, sports, dances, etc.
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