Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Connect a Chromebook to Home Internet


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I connect my Chromebook to my home internet?

I forgot my Chromebook at home.

Loaner PC laptops will be available in each classroom. There will be a limited number available so we strongly recommend that you try to remember to bring your device to class each day.  Teachers may also deduct employability points when you arrive unprepared for class

My Chromebook is under repair. 

Loaner Chromebooks will be issued to students when they leave their Chromebook for repair with the school Chromebook Service Center. (Same guidelines apply.) 

I came to school without charging my Chromebook. 

Chromebooks must be brought to school each day fully charged.  Students are responsible for fully charging their Chromebooks before arriving to school. 

Should I use the sound while at school? 

Sound must be muted at all times unless otherwise directed by the teacher.  Headphones may be used at the discretion of the teacher or in permitted areas such as study halls, library, cafeteria, etc. 

I forgot my password and cannot login. 

Follow the district-provided instructions for password resets and recovery.  Change your password regularly.

I left my Chromebook in an unsupervised area. 

Students are responsible for direct supervision of their assigned Chromebook. If an unsupervised Chromebook is found, notify a teacher immediately. 

Someone stole my Chromebook.

You should report the stolen Chromebook to your teacher and building principal if the theft occurred at school.  They may also notify the school resource officer and local police. IT should be notified as the unit may be able to be located electronically.  If it is stolen at home, you should contact the local police.

Can I play music or visit non school sites at home?

Your device will be filtered at home as well as at school.  Allowable sites will be determined by IT and district administrators in order to comply with the appropriate use policy.  

What if I can’t connect to the wireless network?

GSuite applications can be used in off-line mode which means that you do not need to be connected to the internet to work on your documents.  Files will synchronize the next time your device is connected to the network. 

What if I need a software program not supported by my Chromebook?

Notify your teacher of the application that you need and if they agree that it is educationally appropriate, they can submit a request to the building principal and IT to add that application or open the filter to allow that site.  If the application is not able to run on a Chromebook, the teacher may allow you to use a loaner PC laptop during that class. Please note that there will be some classrooms that will utilize Windows devices based upon the specific subjects and applications that the teacher requires.

If they are all the same, can I trade with a friend or sibling?

No.  Each device is assigned to a specific person and you are accountable for that device.  When you turn in your device at the end of the school year, IT will confirm that you are returning the same exact device that was provided to you.

Can I buy insurance after the start of school?

No.  Students will be provided with the option of paying for the optional accidental damage insurance at the start of each school year or as a one time up front payment at the beginning of their freshman year.  Only students who enter the district mid year will have the option to purchase insurance after the second week of school. 

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