Social Studies

Social Studies


                Welcome to 7th grade Social Studies!  During this year, we will explore civilizations from ancient times up through the Age of Discovery.  We will be considering the impact that the “Old World” had on the “New World” and how cultures developed and changed in early America.  You will find that these were very exciting times in world history.  I have visited many of the places we are going to study.  Hopefully, my stories about what life was like for people back then will entertain and inform you.  Most importantly, we will learn why their ideas and achievements are important to us today. 

                Our studies of civilizations will use Pennsylvania Standards.  For Social Studies, these can be split into four main concepts that students need to master in 7th grade:

History – do you understand what happened in the past and why it affects us today?

Geography how did a civilization’s location affect the way it developed?

Economics – how did civilizations grow wealthy?  Why did they choose that method?

Government – how did the people participate in their government, and how did it function?

                Social Studies teaches you how the world works.  You learn how other people think. So, you discover why nations (which are made up of people) act the way they do.  What you learn in Social Studies will help you make solid, informed decisions later in life (like when you vote!).

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