Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who is my teacher?

Mrs. Roberts will be your teacher this year.  I have been teaching with the Pottstown schools for eleven years.  I earned a Bachelor of Science degree in History and Anthropology from Elizabethtown College, a Master of Science degree from Cabrini College, and have multiple certifications and credits from American University and St. Thomas University.  I travel a lot and have been to lots of the places that we study about in seventh grade.

What do I need for class?

You will need your assignment book, a pencil, and a folder for Social Studies to class with you every day. 

Will we get homework?

Yes! Practice outside of the classroom is imperative to success! Most students who use class time well by getting to work quickly and working efficiently will find that fifteen to twenty minutes of work outside of the classroom is extremely manageable.  Occasionally, there will be a need to complete assignments at home and time will be needed for projects and studying for tests and quizzes. 




How are grades figured out in this class?

Students will be assessed in a variety of ways: reading and writing performance pieces of varying lengths, tests/ quizzes, presentations, reports, art work, projects, and notebook entries.  Our grading scale is located in the student handbook.


If you are absent, you must take responsibility to figure out what you missed.  It is YOUR JOB to find out what we did while you were gone and make up that work.  A file folder outside of the classroom will contain assignments, you will need to get notes from another student or copy mine at your convenience.  If you are confused about what to do, ask a classmate and of course ask me!  We may need to adjust assignment or test dates.  I spend time afterschool many days of the week, where we can work together or review notes.  This is an excellent opportunity for you to have help with assignments or have a place to work with a teacher around. 

What is the discipline plan for this class?

Our mutual goal should be to have a classroom atmosphere that allows for and enhances the greatest amount of learning possible.  In order to accomplish this goal and allow each student to get the most out of class I expect students to abide by the behaviors and rules as outlined in the student handbook.  When students follow rules we have a great classroom environment!  Compliments from the teacher can be given, positive notes are sent home, learning is improved, and positive feelings about class and self are made.  When rules aren’t followed, minor disruptions will be handled between the student who needs help and myself.  A team of people who care about you very much will handle severe & continuous disruptions.  This team may include other teachers from the team, the administration, guidance counselors, and parents.

How can my parents/guardians contact the teacher?

Phone—Call the office, 610-970-6665, and they will either find me or leave a message for me to return your call.

E-mail: This is checked daily.  Your message will be returned as soon as possible. My address is [email protected].


I look forward to working with you to provide an exciting and successful year!

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