Rules/Behavior Policy

Rules/Behavior Policy

Rupert Elementary – School Rules:

Be Respectful

Be Responsible

Be a Problem Solver

*Students are able to earn Caught Being Good Tickets for showing any of the three rules. The tickets are kept in the office, where Mr. Moyer picks students a few times a month for a prize pick for Caught Being Good! I hope to give lots of Caught Being Good Tickets away this year!*

Classroom Behavior Policy

Classroom Expectations:

·         Raise your hand to speak.

·         Listen when others are speaking.

·         Use kind words.

·         Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself.

·         Help each other.

·         Work hard and do your best!

Fazekas $ Dollars

               Students will have many opportunities to EARN Fazekas $ Dollars. Money can be earned for making positive classroom choices. There will also be FINES that students will pay for negative classroom choices. The students will generate a list of ways to EARN money and ways to be FINED as a class. The list developed by the students will be posted in the classroom at all times. Other consequences will also be in place - loss of recess time, classroom write-ups and office referrals.

               Throughout the year I will hold Class Auctions. The students will be able to use thier Fazekas $ Dollars to buy prizes and rewards.   
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