Pre-K Guidelines

Pre-K Guidelines

Welcome to Pre-K!!! ?

Here are just some notes to help guide 
you through your child’s Pre-K experience!


  • AM students are to arrive at 8:30 AM. Please convene at the Front Door. Parents will not be permitted to escort the children to the room. Any student arriving after 8:45 AM will be marked as “tardy”.
  • PM students are to arrive on the stairs at the Front Door (the main entrance of Lincoln School) no earlier than 12:10. Please do not enter the school building until Mr. Sperat comes for the children at 12:15 PM. Parents can wait with the children outside, but they are not permitted to escort the children to their classroom. There is no grace period in the PM. Students arriving later than 12:15 PM will be marked as “tardy”.


  • AM students are dismissed between 11:10 AM and 11:15 AM. The will exit the building via the front door. Please be prompt in picking up your children. Any child left after 11:15 AM will need to be picked up and signed out at the main office. This will be documented as a “Late Pick Up”.
  • PM students will be dismissed at 2:55 PM through the front main entrance. Our class will wait to the left of the main staircase. You are not permitted to double park or call for your child from a car on the street. You must park in a designated area and walk to get your child. Children are not permitted to leave until they tell me they see a parent, guardian, or other designated caregiver. Please be prompt. Any child left after 3:00 PM will need to be picked up and signed out at the main office. This will be documented as a “Late Pick Up”.


  • We have “Snack Time” everyday in Pre-K. Please make sure you send something in for your child that falls within the “Healthy Snacks” parameters set by the district policy. You may also send in a drink (juice, water, etc. … no soda) or you can send in 50 cents for your child to purchase milk. The district does not provide snack. It is your responsibility to send snack and a beverage/money in with your child.


  • Please send in a complete set of clothes for your child in a gallon sized Ziploc bag clearly labeled with their FIRST and LAST NAMES. Accidents do happen. J We can change the bags seasonally. Remember, pull-up’s are not permitted in school.


  • Your child needs to have a book bag that is big enough to carry their folder, which will be provided by Mr. Sperat. This folder is very important and must be brought to school each and every day. It must also be cleaned out daily and used as a means of correspondence between us. The children will not need to bring any additional school supplies. Anything they need will be provided by the school.


  • The children will visit the Lincoln Library on Day 3 of our 6-day cycle. Beginning in January, they will have the opportunity to borrow books. Please understand that any lost or damaged books are your responsibility. Failure to return books, or to pay for a lost book will result in your child’s loss of privileges and their report card being withheld.


  • We will be taking AT LEAST 2 field trips this year. More information will be forthcoming. Students without insurance are not permitted to attend field trips.


  • In trying to adhere to the District’s Healthy Snacks policy, I have decided to modify our classroom party and birthday polices. Seasonal parties (Fall, Winter, Valentine, Spring and End of Year) will be set up in cooperation with the Homeroom parent. Only “healthy snacks” will be permitted (ie. No cupcakes, candy, etc.). Please do not ask to send in cupcakes or a treat specifically for your child’s birthday. You may provide a special snack permitted in the District Policy.


  • Room 106 will adhere to the Merit Policy adopted by Lincoln School. Students will be rewarded for exemplary behavior. Students not following the behavior policy will earn demerits and could subsequently lose privileges.


  • The District has adopted a uniform policy. While uniforms are not mandatory in Pre-K, it certainly is encouraged that students partake in this aspect of our school. Please see the office is you need additional information on purchasing uniforms.


  • Students will receive a report card in January and June. There will be Parent-Teacher conferences in November and, if needed, in March. Please do not hesitate to contact me via email ([email protected]), or via a note in the child’s folder, or via the office, 610-970-6646.
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