Parent Letter

Parent Letter

Parent Letter

Dear Parent/Guardian:

Research clearly demonstrates that good nutrition is linked to better behavior and academic performance. To promote the best possible learning environment for children, schools must also provide an environment that supports healthy behaviors.

Almost 20% of children are overweight. This is triple the amount from the 1970’s. Poor eating habits and sedentary lifestyle are just behind smoking as the leading causes of death per year in the United States, and the number of deaths related to poor diet and physical inactivity is increasing.

On August 16, 2007, the Pottstown Board of School Directors adopted the Wellness Policy. This policy requires that all foods and beverages sold at the Pottstown School District during school hours will comply with the newly implemented nutrition standards set forth by the Department of Education, Division of Child Nutrition. The policy also addresses appropriate food items for classroom celebrations and fundraising activities.

Recommendations for Healthy Classroom Snacks


100% fruit juices

100% juice, fruit smoothies

Milk, non-fat or low-fat, plain or flavored

Approved flavored or plain water

Low-Fat Grain Foods:


Animal crackers

Graham crackers

Wheat crackers

Whole wheat English muffins

Rice cakes or mini rice cakes, flavored

Baked tortilla chips with salsa or cheese sauce

Fruit or grain muffin (low-fat)

Bagel (half)

Fig bars

Vanilla wafers

Mini bagel breadsticks

Soft pretzels

Low-fat granola bars

Fig Newtons
Fresh Fruit and Vegetables:

Fresh seasonal fruit

Fresh vegetables with low fat dip or salad dressing

Additional Treats:

100% fruit snacks

Fruit bars

Frozen low-fat yogurt

Frozen fruit bars

Low-fat pudding, plain or as a parfait

Fat-free popcorn

Beef jerky – 95% fat free

Peanut and crackers

Low-fat string cheese

Low-fat cookies

Nabisco 100 calorie snacks

Fruit, nut, and/or grain trail mixes

Baked potato chips

Low-fat Blue Bunny ice cream

Some Little Debbie snacks (low-fat, sugar)

Nutritional Guidelines for Snacks:

Item will provide less than 250 calories per serving

Less than 35% of calories from total fat (excluding nuts, seeds, nut butters, and reduced fat cheeses)

Less than 10% of calories from saturated fat (excluding reduced fat cheeses)

Less than 35% sugar by weight (excluding naturally occurring sugars and low-fat yogurts) and added sugar will not be listed as the first ingredient

We ask your cooperation in helping us send a consistent message of healthy lifestyle choices to our young people.

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