Management Information Systems 1


Management Information Systems 1

Management Information Systems I

The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that careers in the field of Management Information Systems will grow faster than average between now and the year 2022. Do you have an interest in business, computers, or information systems? Students in the MIS program learn the principles, tools, and techniques used in the design, programming, administration, and security of computers and information systems. Throughout the program students will learn office safety, computer fundamentals, database administration and computer maintenance/troubleshooting. High achieving students will graduate with a PA Skills Certificate. Articulation agreements also exist for high achieving students desiring to pursue MIS at the post-secondary level. Students receiving a score of Advanced on the NOCTI examination will receive a minimum of 9 college credits at participating post-secondary institutes through the PA SOAR program.
This course serves as the foundation for the Management Information Systems program. Students will explore the management of Information Systems (IS) with an emphasis on fundamentals of database architecture, database management systems, and database systems. Computer maintenance and troubleshooting will also be introduced.

Course Documents

MIS Spring Semester Syllabus - Your syllabus should be reviewed by your parents and signed by at least one parent. Please return your syllabus by Friday, January 29th.  

Curriculum Calendar & Assignments

6O - Retest / Intro to March / Presentations
7E - Presentations / Intro to Excel Activities
8O - Intro to Excel
9E - Intro to Excel  
10O - Excel Day 2: Formulas
13E - Excel Day 2: Formulas
14O - Excel Day 3: Vocab Quiz and Functions
15E - Excel Day 3: Vocab Quiz and Functions
16O - Excel Day 4
20E - Excel Day 4
21O - Excel Day 5: Formula/Function Quiz, Charts and Graphs
22E - Excel Day 6: Formula/Function Quiz, Charts and Graphs
23O - Presentations Due, Big Project, Review of Excel
24E - Presentations Due, Big Project, Review of Excel
27O - Excel Test, Begin Presentations, MIS Term Paper
28E - Excel Test, Begin Presentations, MIS Term Paper
29O - Presentations / Work on MIS Term Paper
30E - Presentations / Work on MIS Term Paper
31O - MIS Term Paper Due
3rd - MIS Term Papers Due  

Customer Service Folder

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Step 1: Print the Checklist - use this to check your Customer Service Folder! 
Step 2: If you are missing anything, click the links below to take you to the appropriate files that you will need. Notes and questions can be found in each link.
Step 3: Customer Service Analysis Paper
Once you have your Customer Service folder together, you can begin working on your Customer Service Analysis paper. Your directions are downloadable at the link below.
Customer Service Analysis Paper Directions

Customer Service Role Plays in MIS 1

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