Computer Applications & Career Exploration 2

Computer Applications & Career Exploration 2

Computer Applications & Career Explorations II

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What is Comp. App & Career Explorations II?
Students will explore various careers of interest and develop a career plan. Microsoft Office software programs are explored with a focus on Microsoft Word and Microsoft PowerPoint. Computer Terminology, Cyber Safety, Post-Secondary Education, and employability skills are also discussed in this course. Skills strengthened in this class include: presentation skills, computer terminology, document formatting, and Microsoft Word and PowerPoint functions. 
 Below, you will find the Curriculum Calendar and Assignments section. In this section, you will find a timeline of content and assignments that coincide with the content listed. This will be updated daily. I currently teach three different sections of Computer and Careers. I will be labeling the assignments below by block. If you are not sure what block your student is in, you can email me or double check with your student. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to me by whichever means of communication is easiest for you.
This course is required for graduation at Pottstown High School. 

Course Documents

Important documents and links can be found here. If the ATB says to go to the link on the class website, it will be in this section.  
Career Pinwheel: If you are not in class, you can follow the directions in this section to complete the Pinwheel!
First, recreate this document on a piece of paper. Your paper should look just like the example below. You write the words "GOALS", "VALUES", "SKILLS", "EXPERIENCE", "EDUCATION" and "INTEREST"  in each bubble. In the middle, put the career that you are interested in pursuing.  
Career Skills - On the first page that comes up, click the boxes  that correspond to the things you are good at or enjoy doing. Once you reach the end, press the Show Me Results button. This will take you to a two column website with skills on the left, careers on the right. Look for your job on the right. Your job will probably be listed in a broader sense then you wrote down. Pediatric  Doctor is listed as "DOCTOR" -- Sports Agent is listed as "AGENT". Once you find your job, you should write THREE SKILLS around the SKILLS bubble on your pinwheel. 
Career Cluster Survey  - This is a longer survey and this involves your INTEREST bubble. You will take this survey and at the end, you will receive THREE RESULTS. They will be three career clusters. These will look more like MAJORS then actual careers. They will say things like "EDUCATION AND TRAINING" or "THEATER AND PERFORMING ARTS MAKEUP" - once you click on them, you will be able to find your desired career in one of them if the survey deems that career a proper career for you based off your choices. After  you receive your three "clusters", place them around your INTEREST bubble. 
Careers Value Quiz  On this page, you will choose between a serious of two choices that you prefer in either your life or in your future career. Example: Work for yourself OR work for an employer. After you go through the choices, you will be given a 9 values, in order, based off of your choices. After reviewing the values, you will place the first 5 around the VALUES bubble on your pinwheel. Please number them 1 through 5. 
Networking = Making relationships with people who can help you advance your career or your life.  
7 Networking Tips for Young Professionals  -  read the article provided and write a 2 paragraph summary about networking using facts and tips from the article. 
 Experience ( Place these answers around your EXPERIENCE bubble ) 
1.) Experience from Networking ( Who do you know in your personal life that could help you? Who is someone in Pottstown that may be able to help you? ) 
2.) Experience in HS ( What courses can you take? What teachers can you talk to? ) 
3.) Experience from on-site training ( Research a real training you could take once you land a career to better yourself )  
Education ( Place these answers around your Education Bubble ) 
1.) What degree do I need to start in this career? 
2.) How many years of school is that? 
3.) Do I need to go back to school and get additional training and/or degrees?  
4.) Are there any special requirements?  
Education, Part 2 - Around your Degree bubble, list the first FIVE colleges that come to mind when you think about wh0ere you want to go to school. Do NOT research anything. Your initial FIVE picks from a college and/or university or trade school, right now!  
Career Goals  You will read the provided article and then list the goals listed on this webpage around your GOALS pinwheel component in order that you find them important! Please number your goals.  ( Growth in Resources, Financial Aspect, Satisfaction,  New Experience, Stability ) 
Reflective Writing Prompt 
After reviewing your pinwheel, do you feel as though the career you picked in the beginning is still a suitable career for you? In your response, be sure to include how your values, goals, skills and interest apply to your career. Do they match? How will you gain experience? Are you willing to go that extra mile? Are you ok with the information you found out about the education required? 
( Essentially, you are summing up your career pinwheel in words and saying if your career matches the spokes! )  
Social Media and My Career Section 

Curriculum Calendar and Assignments


Life after PHS

Catch up with Pottstown Alum as they offer advice to PHS from life after high school...
Dakota Robinson, Class of 2015
Q. What post-secondary institute did you enroll in after graduating from PHS? What is your concentration?
A. I currently attend Shippensburg University. My major is Software Engineering at the moment.
Q.  What is your favorite part about Shippenburg?
A. The class size. My average class size is 25 students. I like that the professor knows my name. 
Q. How do you like living on your own, away from home and your parents?
A. It is OK. It doesn't take as long to get used to as I thought it would. You have to manage yourself, you don't have mom or dad there to say do this, do that.  
Q. Is there anything that HS did not prepare you for? 
A. I felt prepared going into college. 
Q. Is there any advice that you would give a 12th grade student preparing for college? 
A. You should learn how to take notes, now. College is a lot of lectures that you need to write notes from. You should also never be afraid to ask for him. You should also utilize the tutoring sessions that are available for you. 
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