Course Expectations

Course Expectations

Welcome to the 7 blue team!

School phone #: 610-970-6665

Email: [email protected]

Welcome to seventh grade math. We will have an exciting year investigating mathematics. Our goal is that ALL seventh graders succeed in math this year. We can meet this goal by being:

Willing to Learn
Willing to Give Our Best


  • Come to class prepared. Bring your binder with paper, pencils, homework, textbook (when requested) and agenda. Locker trips are not allowed. When you enter the room:
    • Sharpen your pencil
    • Read both boards
      • Put homework due in the appropriate place
      • Write the new homework assignment in your agenda
    • Begin warm-up activity
  • Keep your binder complete and organized according to these three sections: 1) NOTES, 2) WORK, 3) TESTS. Binders will be graded once a week on neatness and completeness.
  • Attendance is critical. One day is like missing two classes of work.
  • When absent, the student must speak with Mr. Roberts THE DAY HE/SHE RETURNS, even if he/she does not have math that day. No owed work will be accepted after one week, including tests and quizzes. 
  • Use pencil on all work. Put a complete heading on all work.


·         3 ring binder, notebook, pencils, and highlighter.


  • Always submit completed, QUALITY work.
  • All homework is due at the bell at the beginning of class. Homework handed in any time after the beginning of class will be accepted with a 20% penalty.
  • Homework is graded based on effort. If you truly don’t know something, write what you do know or explain where you are having trouble.
  • You must complete a NO ASSIGNMENT FORM and put it in the IN BIN if you do not have your homework with you at the beginning of class for any reason.
  • Participation is graded. Engage in the lesson, listen actively, speak clearly, and work cooperatively.
  • Reviewing and practicing daily is a must for success in math.
  • Tests will be announced at least two classes ahead but quizzes may be announced or unannounced.


EXTRA HELP- is available upon request every day before school from 7:20 to 7:45 and every day after school from 2:30 to 3:30.


GRADING-      Test & Projects:                  70%

               Quizzes:                         20%

               Homework & Class Participation:  10%

CONSEQUENCES- Failure to be respectful or responsible will result in:

  • 1st offense – Verbal/non-Verbal warning.
  • 2nd offense – Student Restore Letter (Parent sign and return).
  • 3rd offense – Sent to Timeout/office with a phone call or letter home.

ADDITION PRACTICE- Please check my Pottstown School District webpage for links to Mathematical websites.

SPECIAL NEEDS- Accommodations are made for students with special needs in my classroom. Please contact me if you have any questions regarding these accommodations.


We are going to have a great year!!!

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