Back To School Checklist

Back To School Checklist



When your child comes to school, he/she will need:


1.     A Change of Clothing. I would like each child to have a change of clothes including top, bottom, underwear and socks incase of spills or accidents. Clothing should be clearly marked with child’s name and placed in a clear plastic bag (also marked with your child’s name) and left in his/her book bag all year. It is best to choose articles that are appropriate for all seasons.


2.     A Book Bag. Every child should have a book bag to carry his/her papers and projects. Please be sure the bag is large enough to easily fit a 9x12 sheet of paper and hold an entire change of clothes. It is not necessary to have a wheeled book bag as your child will never have anything that heavy to bring home. I have also found the wheeled bags present a tripping hazard. In addition, your child should be able to open and close the bag by himself. The zippered bags seem to be the easiest to use for young children. NOTE: Please do not send extra school supplies in the book bag (such as crayons, pencils, note pads, scissors, folders, etc.) All necessary supplies will be provided at school.


3.     A DAILY SNACK WILL NOT BE PROVIDED. Please send in a small snack for your child to eat on a daily basis.  Please keep in mind our Healthy Nutrition Plan and send in something healthy that your child will enjoy!  Please DO NOT send in a full lunch...this is just a small snack. In addition, water will be served with snack. Water is essential for good health; it’s as important as any vitamin or mineral. Drinking enough water every day is necessary to help your child’s body working at it’s best.  



For some children, separation from their parents can be difficult. During the first week of school, parents are welcome to accompany their child into the classroom and help him/her get situated. Often treasured items can give security and warmth in a new situation. During this adjustment period, it is fine if your child brings a favorite toy, book or that “special something”. My goal is that all children feel comfortable and secure in this new experience. 

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