Class Times/Schedule

Morning Class: 8:40-11:25

Afternoon Class: 12:25-3:10

I will come outside to pick up and drop off each class in the morning and the afternoon. Please wait outside and have children lined up against the wall.

arrive, hang jacket and book bag

       Opening Exercise
participating children say the Pledge of Allegiance and listen to announcements    

       Language Arts
children listen to a story and engage in a various language activities

       Snack Time/ Activity Time
children choose a center to play in or do the art project
children work on small groups with teacher according to their needs

       Meeting Time
children gather to play a game and discuss the end of the day

children go to the library to hear stories on Day #5/6

after exiting the back door, children will stand by the wall at the side of the building. When I see the child’s escort I will call his or her name. For safety reasons, children will stay in line until excused.

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