ABC's of Fourth Grade

ABC's of Fourth Grade

The ABC’s Of Fourth Grade


AttendanceSend an excuse to school after each absence.

 Barth BannerSent home in the beginning of each month,

                           important information here!

         Book OrdersCash or checks made out to the book club.

          BehaviorFollow the Barth Pledge!

 ConferencesIn November, and by request at any other time.

 DismissalPlease send a note if there’s a change in the routine.

                  *After school plans cannot be changed without a note.

     Everyone:  Working together can create a positive environment

                  for a successful school year!

 Field Trips:  Curriculum enhancing trips.

 Groups:  We will be working in small, flexible groups this year.

 Homework Books:  To be signed upon completion of nightly

                              Homework; are a good form of communication.

        Handbook:  Keep handy all year!


In Search Of…   boxes of tissues, liquid soap, old magazines, etc.

Job Program:  Students can read morning announcements or help

                                     in the cafeteria               

Keep a Positive Attitude:  Positive attitudes promote success.

Label:  Coats, hats, and bookbags that come to school.

 Mailboxes:  Check them before you leave school for

                                important papers and homework.

Numbers:  Put on all papers that are completed.

Open House:  Chance to meet you before the school year starts

P.S.S.A.:  This year we’ll be taking Math, Reading, and Science!       

        P.T. A.:  Join today and help support special programs.

        Programs:  Title I/Intervention, Speech,

                                Occupational Therapy, E.S.L.,                     

                                Gifted/Talented, Instrument Lessons

Quality Club:  Incentive for making good choices.

        Questions:  Are welcome at any time, call or write a note.

Respect:  Taught and expected towards everyone!

        Responsibility:  Increases as the year progresses.

        Report Cards:  Sent at the end of each quarter.

        Reading Olympics:  Fourth Graders are welcome                         

                     to  participate.                                                                             

Safe School:  Enter through the front door, get a visitor’s pass in

                      the office.

Test Packets:  Will be sent home periodically.  Please review, sign,

                        and return to school within two days.

Upcoming Tests:  Check the homework book for upcoming test

                            and quiz dates.

         Uniforms:  Remember to check yourself before you leave

                             home.  (Dress code is in the handbook)

Volunteers:  Are always welcome…however make sure you have

                    Completed clearances in the office beforehand


          Weather:  The following sources will announce school

                             closings or delays:  1370 AM, 107.5 FM,

                             Channel 69 and Channel 29.  Please do NOT call

                             the school.

eXciting Projects:  In all curriculum areas.

You:  Are an important part of your child’s learning!

Zzzzz…:  A good night’s sleep makes for an alert learner!

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