U.S. History


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U.S. History

U S History Homework

Ch 5 Test

       Thurs.  9/24/15
            Study all notes & handouts 
1920's  Power Points  Due/ Finished  11/2 
Nov  5,   2015         Start of the 2nd Qtr 
Nov 12, 2015
Great Depression Test   Fri 11/13
Study notes, handouts---Complete Review Guide 
Nov  18th.........to WW2 Test
    Students will be writing research papers
                  in  class. 
Dec 1-4    Pearl Harbor
     Students write response to Pearl Harbor>  Upload to Moodle
Dec 7-15
      Students  write WW2 Research Paper  "You Fight the War"
                    Upload to Moodle
Dec 15
      WW2 Test         Research Paper Due>  Uploaded to Moodle 
 Jan 11
      1950''s Pwr Pt Due 
Jan 19 &  20
       HW   Review Guide for Final Exam
Jan 22    Final Exam
          Fri.    10:14-12:04 
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