Our Academies

Our Academies

Our Academies

Full-Time Virtual Academy 

Our Full-time Virtual Academy offers full-time students the opportunity to learn at any time, any place at a flexible pace and provides the necessary tools to be successful in their skill development and pacing for graduation.

  • 6-8 credits including core courses, electives, and world languages.
  • Full support from our highly qualified, state-certified teachers.
  • Access to certified counselors who will help you choose your courses and set a path towards graduation.
  • Unlimited access to course(s) for 120 days (typical semester length)
  • 24/7 technical help
  • A Pottstown School District diploma

Blended Learning Academy

Our Blended Learning Academy combines face to face traditional classes with online learning course to form an integrated instructional approach. Students will have the ability to take courses in the school as well as take courses online.

Academic Enrichment Academy

Academic Enrichment Academy compliments and enhance students' educational curriculum. This program provides students with access to courses beyond that which is provided in the regular school program.

Alternative Learning Academy

Alternative Learning Academy provides viable educational options for students who are experiencing difficulty in the traditional system.

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