Math Olympiad

Math Olympiad

Math Olympiad

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Dear Parents and Students:

Pottstown School District is proud to announce the fourth year of Math Olympiad for our fourth grade students to compete against other Pottstown Elementary School Buildings.  Your child has been selected to represent the current champions from last year’s “team” competition for Franklin Elementary.

This is an academic club that is designed to be voluntary, fun, “extra-challenge” program that will enhance the development of your child’s problem solving skills.  We will be focusing on helping your child develop a deeper conceptual understand of, and appreciation for, mathematics.  This will be accomplished by engaging the children in a variety of problem-solving activities during which each student will actively work, communicate, collaborate, and reflect on their chosen methods of solution, as well as their new-found knowledge – of both the mathematical content and themselves as a learner.




-Attend each Math Olympiad class
-Come prepared with homework problems completed
-Come ready to discuss the completed assignments
-Have a positive attitude
-Use perseverance
-Work together as a team (and at times an individual)



-Encourage your child to do their best
-Remind your child to use perseverance

Important Dates

First Day of Practice: 

Last Day of Practice: 

Practice will not be held on the following early dismissal days or school closure days:
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