Home School Information

Home School Information

Home School Information

The Student Services Department oversees the Pottstown School District Home School Program. We have provided helpful materials on this page to ease the process of registration and compliance with the Pennsylvania Home School Law and the Pottstown School District Home School Policy.

We request that all home school families register:

Central Registration Procedures 


  • August 1st - Deadline for submitting the home school affidavit, detailed list of goals and objectives, and immunization/health form to the District Office.           
  • June 30th - Deadline for submitting End of Year Home School Evaluation. Materials must consist of either a detailed summary by subject area (usually 1-2 pages) written by the home school evaluator or a one page check-off list.    

    GRADES 3, 5, and 8 - Parents MUST submit standardized test results in the End of Year Evaluation for these students. Following are a list of approved standardized tests:
    1. California Achievement Test
    2. Comprehensive Testing Program (CTPIV)
    3. Iowa Test of Basic Skills
    4. Metropolitan Achievement Test
    5. Peabody Achievement Individual Test - Revised Version
    6. Stanford Achievement Test
    7. Terra Nova
    8. Woodcock Johnson Revised Tests of Achievement III
    9. Woodcock Johnson IV
    10. Wechsler Individual Achievement Test III (WIAT-III)
    11. PSSA
  • If your child has ever been identified as requiring special education services, you must have the goals and objectives reviewed by either a teacher with a valid certificate from the Commonwealth to teach special education or a licensed clinical or certified school psychologist. This written notification of approval must be submitted with the notarized affidavit and goals and objectives no later than August 1st of the applicable school year.
  • Students must continue in their basic education until they reach 17 years of age. If a student ceases to home school after they turn 17, the evaluation still must be submitted for the period before the seventeenth birthday.

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