HYPO-: under, below, less

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HYPO-: under, below, less

HYPA-: under, below, less

hypoallergenic:  less likely to cause allergies
hypocrisy:  the practice of being less than genuine; pretending to be someone you are not
hypodermic:  under the skin
hypogeal:  located below the surface of the ground
hypoglossal:  under the tongue
hypoglycemia:  an abnormally low peel of sugar in the blood; a blood sugar level below what is needed for healthy blood
hypotension:  having blood pressure below what is normal
hypothermia:  a temperature below the normal body temperature; low body heat
hypothesis:  an idea that is under investigation
hypothyroidism:  a disorder caused by a thyroid gland that is slower and less productive than normal 
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