Communication Mechanism For Parents

Communication Mechanism For Parents

Pottstown School District invites all parents/guardians to communicate frequently throughout the school year with your child’s classroom teacher to check on student progress. We also have the expectation that our staff will initiate communication with parents/guardians in the event a student is experiencing difficulty academically, socially, or behaviorally. Building telephone numbers can be found in the student-parent calendar or on our district website. The following mechanisms will serve as options for parents to communicate with the teacher or the school:

1. Contact the teacher at their email address (the first letter of the first name and last name Example: name – Joseph Smith-Jones. Email address [email protected].

2. Phone call to the school with a message left to the teacher. (Teachers will return the call when available.)

3. Letter or note to the teacher requesting a phone conference or school meeting.

4. Call the school and make an appointment to meet with the teacher at a mutually convenient time.
* It is reasonable to expect a return call from your child’s teacher or the school within two working days.
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