Class Information

Class Information

2015 - 2016

7th Grade Language Arts


Contact Information:                              Mrs. Petro – Room 222                                                                        [email protected]


Class Overview:  This year students will use a textbook titled Literature.  The textbooks will be kept in the classroom.  Students can use the information below to access the textbook on line or they may sign one out when they would like to take a copy home.  In this textbook, students will be exploring short stories, poetry, and nonfiction writings through 8 different units. The students will also have various in-class writing assignments with which they will have an opportunity to do peer editing.  Students will be expected to use their best CURSIVE writing for all major writing assignments.  Throughout our units of study, there will be projects to complete that will enhance learning and explore other areas of the unit.  By utilizing effective time management skills, students will have adequate time to complete most projects in class.  Each quarter, students will also be assigned one book report.  The majority of the work for their book reports will need to be completed at home. 


Materials:  Each student will need to arrive to class everyday with their assignment book, pencil, binder/folder, and a silent reading book.


Grading Policy: Students and parents can access grades by using eSchoolPLUS online.  Students will be assessed on the following categories:  Literature Comprehension & Skills, Oral & Written Expression, Vocabulary, and Grammar.  There is a sticker chart in the front of the room that shows students what work they have turned in and what work they are missing.


Homework: Student will receive homework every night.  Homework ranges from finishing an assignment started in class, reading a book, or reviewing notes from class.  Late assignments will lose points.  If a student misses class for any reason, it is their responsibility to find out what they missed, and complete it for the next day.    


Behavior: I truly believe that a positive classroom environment is crucial to successful learning.  Disruptions in class will result in one of the following actions: a student’s seat being moved, making a phone call home, assigning a detention, or holding a student-teacher conference.  (Further consequences are outlined in the student handbook.)  

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