Alumni Honor Roll

Alumni Honor Roll

Honor Roll

The purpose of establishing an Alumni Honor Roll is to celebrate graduates’ distinguished achievements, thereby motivating current Pottstown students to strive for excellence.

A nominee must have distinguished service as an individual or as a member of a group making a substantial contribution in his/her chosen business, profession, or military career or has exerted a positive influence in the civic and/or religious life of a community.

Honored in 1986:
Mr. Robert P. Smith Class of 1920
Mr. William Achatz Class of 1927
Mr. Randall Nester Class of 1943
Dr. Ismar Schorsch Class of 1953
Judge William H. Yohn, Jr. Class of 1953
Honored in 1987:
Mr. Donald Rigg Class of 1921
Mr. Sidney Pollock Class of 1929
Mrs. Margaret Hallman Class of 1930
Dr. Cheryl Opalack Class of 1966
Honored in 1988:
Mr. J. Ellwood Ludwig Class of 1929
Mr. Kenneth C. Jacob Class of 1939
Mr. Linford F. Moyer Class of 1944
Alvin Weiss, Esquire Class of 1944
Dr. Jane Gitschier Johnson Class of 1971
Honored in 1989:
Admiral Frank D. Wagner Class of 1911
Mr. Raymond Elliott Class of 1931
Mr. Joel Climenhaga Class of 1939
Mr. Earl Strom Class of 1945
Dr. Joel W. Eisner Class of 1955
Honored in 1990:
Mr. Richard Ricketts, Sr. Class of 1930
Mr. Michael Vasil Herasimchuk Class of 1932
Mr. Edward Jameson Class of 1934
Colonel Robert Russell Class of 1947
Honored in 1991:
Mr. Albert P. Pollick Class of 1937
Mr. Robert Y. Kurtz Class of 1941
Mr. J. Harold Yocom Class of 1942
Mr. Donald F. Specht Class of 1950
Honored in 1992:
Mr. Gerald G. Richards Class of 1939
Mr. Willard M. Bickel Class of 1941
Mr. Robert E. Eppehimer Class of 1941
Mrs. Kathleen Oliver Carpenter Class of 1962
Honored in 1993:
Mr. C. Edmund Wells Class of 1928
Mr. Robert H. Moses Class of 1957
Dr. Margaret R. Yocom Class of 1966
Honored in 1994:
Mr. Arlen R. Saylor Class of 1946
Mrs. Charlene Johnson Class of 1964
Mrs. Mary Gitschier McCarthy Class of 1972
Dr. Sharon Iaeger Davidheiser Class of 1971
Honored in 1995:
Rev. Carl E. Koppenhaver Class of 1932
Mr. Al Grey Class of 1945
Dr. Linda McCurdy Class of 1962
Honored in 1996:
Mr. William D. Barber Class of 1945
Lt. Cmdr. Joseph Lisko Class of 1965
Dr. Richard F. Saylor Class of 1965
Dr. Barbara J. Little Class of 1976
Honored in 1997:
Mr. William H. McCabe Class of 1932
Mr. Richard D. Linderman Class of 1957
Ms. Mary Stewart Donovan Class of 1970
Ms. Geraldine Allen June Class of 1973
Honored in 1998:
Mr. Richard J. Ricketts, Jr. Class of 1951
Mr. P. Richard Frantz Class of 1955
Dr. Cynthia Xanthopoulos Beekley Class of 1958
Mr. Lionel Roy Douglass Class of 1973
Honored in 1999:
Mrs. Anne “Nancy” Jones Class of 1950
Dr. Linda K. Houck Goldberg Class of 1962
Mr. Dennis Edward Leh Class of 1964
Mr. D. Scott Detar Class of 1970
Honored in 2000:
Mr. Linwood Brown Class of 1941
Mr. John Henry Class of 1946
Mr. George H. Seidel, Jr. Class of 1950
Ms. Vicky Fong Class of 1977
Honored in 2001:
Mr. Herbert Phillips Class of 1942
Mrs. Arsonia M. Leisure Class of 1954
Mr. Howard E. Kalis, III Class of 1958
Mr. Kenneth F. Davis Class of 1962
Honored in 2002:
Mrs. Ruth R. Schonberger Class of 1939
Mr. Howard W. Bedell Class of 1955
Richard E. Ludwick, Jr., Ph.D. Class of 1969
Honored in 2003:
Mr. Robert Shantz Class of 1943
Mrs. Heather Davidheiser Frantz Class of 1955
Mr. Reginald Nealy Class of 1967
Rear Admiral David Venlet Class of 1972
Honored in 2004:
Mr. Henry Alan Stofko Class of 1945
Mr. George E. Wausnock Class of 1958
Mrs. Dorothy M. Freeman Class of 1967
Dr. John P. Boehmer Class of 1978
Honored in 2005:
Mr. Gene Venzke Class of 1932
Mr. Elmer Pollock Class of 1938
Mr. Alray Johnson Class of 1968
Ms. Patricia Henry Class of 1981
Honored in 2006:
Dr. Warren J. Brown Class of 1942
Mr. Douglas N. Yocom Class of 1969
Mr. John Micklos, Jr. Class of 1974
Dr. Kimberly Valentine Class of 1986
Honored in 2007:
Mr. Gabriel Fieni Class of 1940
Mr. Ronald E. Puhl Class of 1957
Mr. John H. Semet Class of 1966
Mrs. Vanessa Daniels Saylor Class of 1988
Honored in 2008:
Mr. Aaron Beasley Class of 1991
Mr. Aram Ecker Class of 1975
Mr. Ron Downie Class of 1953
Mr. Harvey C. Leroy Wilson, Jr. Class of 1931
Honored in 2009:
Mr. William R. Kerr Class of 1954
Mr. Lawrence R. Harvey Class of 1956
Mr. Donald P. Watkins Class of 1969
Honored in 2010:
Dr. David J. Burinsky Class of 1974
Mr. Sage Glenn Class of 1959 (posthumously)
Honored in 2011:
Mr. David Lowry Burgess Class of 1958
Dr. D. Todd Detar Class of 1976
Mrs. Susan Trace Lawrence Class of 1979
Mr. Job Wilson Price Class of 1989
Honored in 2012:
Robert B. Davidheiser, Sr., Ph.D. Class of 1969
Ms. Cathy Calhoun Class of 1970
Mr. John R. Gibson Class of 1975
Mr. David Shaner Class of 1952 (posthumously)
Honored in 2013:
Mr. George M. McLain, Jr. Class of 1958
Mrs. Eva K. M. Yashinsky Class of 1972
Mr. Bennie Sims Class of 1972
Mr. David Donald Class of 1981
Honored in 2014:
Mrs. Phyllis Sell Salem Class of 1948 (posthumously)
Mr. James E. Rodgers Class of 1953
Mr. David G. Garner Class of 1976
Mr. Mark Pennypacker Class of 1978

 Honored in 2015:

 Major John C. Johnson Class of 1957
 Ms. Jenneen Flamer Class of 1970
 Ms. Candi Haas-Simmons Class of 1972
 Mr. Howard Brown Class of 1995

                                          Honored in 2016:

Dr. Richard Frerichs Class of 1960
Mr. Augustus "Barney" Levengood Class of 1972
Mr. Michael V. Fisher Class of 1975
 Mrs. Danielle McCoy Class of 1982

                                        Honored in 2017:

Mr. Jim SmaleClass of 1952
Mr. Bruce L. Moyer Class of 1970
Mr. Terry Zeigler  Class of 1972
Mr. Jim Kerr  Class of 1981
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