Calling for a hero

Franklin Elementary School fourth grade student Jaxon Guest proved that heroes can come in all sizes and ages. When Melanie Seeders, a former Pottstown School District employee was seriously injured from a fall off of her electric bike while riding on an unpaved back alley and trapped under the 80 pound bike she needed a hero to come to her rescue. Along came fourth grader Jaxon Guest who calmly lifted the bike off of her and ran to find assistance. He was able to get the attention of a nearby resident, Pottstown High School classroom assistant, Kathy Kanasjie. Jaxon made sure to stay by Mrs.Seeders side to provide comfort to her until medical assistance could arrive. Seeders said, he didn't hesitate for a second, he got the heavy bike off of me and went to find help,then stayed by my side to give me comfort until medical help arrived. I am thankful for everything he did and impressed by how calmly and maturely he handled everything. Jaxon was recently recognized at the Pottstown School District school board meeting with a Superintendent Award. He was modest when accepting the award, and simply said I knew she needed help, and I had to do something. Jaxon was accompanied by his mother and some of his classmates. Mrs.Seeders, who was still recovering from her injuries, was represented by her brother, Dominic Viscardi and his wife. In addition to receiving a certificate and metal, Jackson and his friends dined on some gourmet cupcakes provided by the school board.

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