Acadience Reading Assessment Letters

Good Afternoon Parents and Guardians of students in K – 6th grade:

I am very pleased to inform you that you will be getting a personalized “middle of the year” report in the mail in the next few days regarding our Acadience Reading benchmark assessments. You may remember getting this letter in the fall. This new letter is an update on how your child/children have grown over the past few months.

We want to keep you informed, but no matter what you see, don’t panic! This assessment is one of the many pieces of information that teachers and staff use to plan instruction and support the needs of your child. But remember, it’s only one piece of evidence. This year we are sharing Acadience reading scores so we can strengthen our partnerships between parent/guardians and school - to work as a team. That way, you can be informed, ask questions, and get involved!

You’ll notice a variety of colors on the results page and you can think of these as “taking a student’s reading temperature” to see what skills they have developed at a certain point in the school year. Red and yellow scores show us that students will need extra support, practice, and instruction in those areas, while green and blue scores mean they have met or exceeded the goal for this point in the year.

If you have questions about the information you can always reach out to your child’s teacher to have a more detailed discussion on their progress. Keep reading to your child and keep asking about school progress! You make such a huge impact on your child’s academic growth, and we appreciate your support!


Stephen Rodriguez
Superintendent of Schools

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