Pottstown Middle School Job Well Done

WellPottstown Middle School students in Ms.Christren Hall's class can check offwell a job well done when it comes to doing their part to help bring fresh drinking water to a village in South Sudan Africa. Earlier this year they organized a fundraising walk as part of the Iron Giraffe Challenge,sponsored by the Water for South Sudan organization. This week they received confirmation from the organization. 

Dear Iron Giraffe Challenge School: We are so pleased to share that Water for South Sudan has drilled a well in your honor! We wanted to share our gratitude for your support over the years. Thank you for all you have done to water the seeds of change in South Sudan.Your well is in the vilage of Panyuon in Aguok-North County, Gogrial State. The village chief is Majok Wol Majok.

The GPS coordinates of your well are 8.707364 28.363945. To view this location, copy and paste these numbers, then click on the map. (You may need to zoom out to see the entire area.) Thank you for your commitment to supporting Salva s mission of providing clean water and hygiene education in South Sudan. We know you join us in celebrating the well which is now providing clean water and a new future to the people in Panyuon.

In speaking about the experanice and her students Ms. Hall said,Humbling moments like these are what defines being a teacher of Pottstown School District; a place where teaching leaves the four walls of the classroom. I couldn't be prouder of my students. 

Please share the news of another reason to say proud to be from Pottstown.

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