Lessons Learned From Playing With Your Food

As youngsters at the table many of us were at one time or another told by our parents not to play with our food. Pottstown High school graduate Matthew Reid,class of 2000 may have a different view. A special education teacher who also doubles as a child's book author explores lessons learned in his book Fruit Snacks and Animal Crackers.

Sage and Nasir are grade school kids who put a whole new meaning into playing with their food. They forget about the fruit snacks and animal crackers left in their book bags and discover new magical friends who help them cope with their everyday problems. As the two face challenges in their young lives, their fruit snacks and animal cracker friends share stories with them to express empathy. Reid, who holds degrees from both Kutztown and Arcadia Universities is a Special Education Teacher at Brandywine High School. He donated ten copies of his book to students at Matthew Reid blogLincoln Elementary School. COVID closure of schools kept him from a personal visit,but in a letter he shared Congratulations on taking on a challenging school year! 

Remember to be proud of all you have accomplished so far as a student. Lincoln principal Mrs. Calista Boyershare the books with students during her home visits to fourth grade award winners. You can learn more about PHS class of 2000 alum Matthew Reid from his blog by clicking here.  Share the news of more reasons to say Proud to be from Pottstown.

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