Resolution Of The Board Of School Directors Of

The Pottstown School District,

Adopting The Pennsylvania School Boards Association

Standards For Effective School Governance And

Code Of Conduct For Members Of Pennsylvania School Boards

WHEREAS, the Board of School Directors of the Pottstown School District, having been entrusted by our fellow residents with stewardship of the education of the youth of this community, is deeply committed to the highest ideals of excellence in student achievement and in school governance; and

WHEREAS, the Board acknowledges the immense responsibility it bears for fostering the development of citizens with the intellectual, social and ethical skills necessary to contribute successfully to the advancement of our representative democracy; and

WHEREAS, the Board recognizes the direct relationship between high student achievement and the effectiveness of a school entity’s governing board of directors; and

WHEREAS, the Board believes that success requires it not only to set and enforce high expectations and standards for students and school staff, but also to set and enforce high expectations and standards for the Board of School Directors;

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the Board of School Directors does hereby adopt the Pennsylvania School Boards Association’s Standards for Effective School Governance and

Code of Conduct for Members of Pennsylvania School Boards, attached hereto as the standards and expectations for the conduct of the business and fulfillment of the public responsibilities of this Board of School Directors, effective immediately.

THE BOARD MAY, from time to time, take specific action to reaffirm its commitment to these standards and code of conduct as means of communicating its ongoing commitment to excellence in school governance

DULY ENACTED this 18th day of February, 2010.


Richard C. Huss, President

Dennis L. Wausnock, Vice President Michele M. Pargeon, School Director

Valerie L. Harris, School Director Polly M. Weand, School Director

Robert H. Hartman, Jr., School Director Nat O. White, School Director

Thomas J. Hylton, School Director Julia M. Wilson, School Director

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