Natalie Pileggi

Natalie Pileggi


The more that you READ

the more things you will KNOW

the more that you LEARN,

the more places you will GO!

Dr. Seuss

Intervention at Rupert

Welcome! I am Natalie Pileggi and I am the Intervention Specialist at Rupert.  I have a great team that works hard everyday to help all our students reach their reading goals.  Debbie McNamara, Molly Callaghan, and Jaime Parris are the intervention assistants that work at Rupert.

         What does Intervention look like? 

  During interventions, all students in a grade level are divided up by a specific reading skill.  The teachers all work together to analyze data to determine what skills each student needs to work on during this time.   The kids will spend 40-45 minutes everyday participating in activities to further improve their reading.  The teachers monitor children's progress and make sure they are making gains. 
Please remember if you have any questions about what group your child may be in or how to help your child become a better reader you can contact me at Rupert any time!

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