Matthew Fabian

Matthew Fabian

Mr. Fabian
Health and Physical Education
Franklin and Rupert Elementary Schools

Fitness Test Results

Fourth grade students have tested in both in the PACER and Sit and Reach tests. 
Practice for the PACER Test

The PACER test measures a person’s cardiovascular endurance. In order to practice or train for it, it is important to practice aerobic or long distance exercises. Here is a list of exercises that students can practice in order to improve their PACER Test score:

-Slow pace, long distance jogging

-Timed 1 Mile Run

-Long distance hiking

-Long distance bike riding

-Swimming Laps

-Jumping Rope

In addition to long distance activities, sprinting can be very beneficial to improving one’s PACER test. As the PACER test progresses, students must increase their running speed. They will eventually have to sprint towards the end of their test.

Practice for the SIT AND REACH Test

The Sit and Reach test measures one’s flexibility. More specifically, it measures a person’s flexibility in their lower back and hamstring muscles. Here is a list of stretches that can improve a student’s Sit and Reach Test:

-Seated straight-leg toe touches

-Standing straight leg toe touches

-Single legged toe touch

-Hurdler’s stretches

*It is best to perform a light warm-up to loosen your muscles and to prevent injury before stretching

Students participate in exercises to improve their fitness tests every single Physical Education class. The more they practice for the test, the better their test scores will be. Most importantly, their health will improve.

The Rupert Fitness Calendar is now available.  Click on the photo to the right to view.
Physical Education News
4th grade students are currently practicing for fitness testing.  The two areas of focus for the 2015-2016 school year will be the Pacer Run test and Sit and Reach test.
The Pacer Run test measures a students cardiovascular endurance.
The Sit and Reach test measures a student's flexibility. 
Students will test twice in each test for the 2015-2016 school year. 
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