Jacinda Bartolucci

Jacinda Bartolucci

My name is Jacinda Bartolucci.  I have been teaching in Pottstown for a long time!  I have three kids, a cat and a dog.  Kindergarten is so much fun and I am glad to be teaching it!

Welcome to Mrs. Bartolucci's Kindergarten

Please check this page for information on our daily and weekly schedule.
Remember, we have a YOUTUBE page!  You can find the link on here.  If you click on the link, it will take you to our page which has videos of field trips, assemblies and class activities.  There is also a photo gallery, click the link to the left and you will see pictures of the kids.
You can always contact me via my email below or by using the text feature we set up in the beginning of the year



Day 1

Cycle Days

Day 2

Cycle Days

Mrs. Bartolucci's Kindergarten 2015

Weekly Schedule

Day 1:  Art
Day 2:  Gym - please wear sneakers! 
Day 3:  Speech
Day 4:  Music
Day 5:  Library
Day 6:  


Please check the calendar so you will be informed about upcoming events and trips! 
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