Google- Chrome Browser Maintenance

Google- Chrome Browser Maintenance

Google- Chrome Browser Maintenance

Problems accessing web pages and general browser maintenance

A browser is used every day for a multitude of tasks.  As more applications are offered via cloud, the browser tends to hold on to more and more information.  Over time the data build-up can cause problems with logging into or bringing up websites.  Security & Compliance issues to remain compliant with the Children's Internet Protection Act (CIPA) BSD utilizes a filtering system. This system keeps students and staff alike safe online.  Keeping ahead of the saved password/login data conflict: keep in mind also saves passwords for apps, when saving in Google Chrome there becomes conflict so sites become inaccessible.

Clearing the browser

Shortcut Keys-While in Google Chrome with one tab open, on the keyboard, hold Ctrl+Shift and tap Delete (Chromebook press Backspace Key) -& Skip to step 6. (Click here if using Safari on a MACBook)

  1. Open one Chrome tab or Close all but one tab in Chrome
  2. Select the browser settings then,
  3. on top left Select  
  4. Click 3rd link down -Privacy and security
  5. Click Clear Browsing Data 
  6. Select Advanced
  7. Set Time range to All time
  8. Check mark ALL the listed boxes (MyApps saves passwords and Saved Google Chrome passwords conflict)
  9.  Click Clear data
  10. Close the browser and re-open.

Note: Students can preform clearing browser cached data to reset corrupt Google Meets links and other issues that may occur with browsing.  Students are not able to remove browsed pages or download history.  

Why clear the browser?

Since cache is a folder stored inside computer, huge collection of data may run you out of disk space and slow down your device. Clearing cache clears significant amount of data from the browser memory.

Your browser shows up older page content and ignores fresh content from stored web sites. So, you may end up reading obsolete content or may not land to what you were looking for.

The information stored in browser cache is sometimes incomplete or corrupt.  Since cache holds downloaded content, clearing would mean that websites would load slower (for the first time) but more complete when you visit the websites again.

As a Side Note:  To check your MyApps saved passwords

In upper right select My Profile On the left select Password Locker For any systems that read completed Click Edit, then edit to your updated password or Delete

Clean Up Extensions

On your computer, open Chrome. At the top right, click Menu/More, (three dots, upper right corner of the window).  Click Settings. On the left, click Settings Click Extensions .

A new tab will open showing all of your current extensions.  Remove any extensions that you do not actively use or recognize.  No need to worry if an extension is accidentally removed just Open the Chrome Web Store to install it.  Extensions with a red icon attached are mandated by District Policy and can not be removed from your BSD Google account. 

5 Troubleshoot Tips

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