David Caldwell

David Caldwell

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Courses currently teaching:

A.P. European History---Psychology----U.S. History

A faculty member since 1994, Mr. Caldwell has been the department chairperson of the Social Studies department since 2002.
 Each course taught is designed to be rigorous yet engaging in an effort to prepare students for the next level, whatever that may be. U.S. History is a core course at PHS that every sophomore student must take and is essential in connecting students to local, state, and national events both today and in their past. Psychology is an elective that students can schedule that focuses on studying the mind and human behavior. A.P. European History is a college prep class the teaches students to write and think on a level that will prepare them to succeed in a university setting.
This includes a general description of my U.S. History class including grading procedure.

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