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The parent, school partnership is a critical element to the academic success of our students.  We value your support and truly encourage your participation in your child's educational experience.  One way that this partnership can work to address the educational needs of your child is through providing ready access to information regarding your child's academic progress, through the Parent Portal (Home Access Center)
The Parent Portal provides the following functionality to guardians and students:
  • Register for Home Access Center online. An email will be sent allowing a password to be set.
  • Reset a password if forgotten. 
  • View demographic information for the student, such as student name, birth date, gender, building, grade, counselor, and homeroom number.
  • View emergency contact information for the student.
  • View student and guardian address information.
  • View the student's attendance information in calendar format, with color-coded absence types.
  • View the student's current schedule.
  • View the student's classwork information from Gradebook.
  • Click on the name of a teacher, counselor, or school building to send an e-mail.
  • Subscribe to email alerts for Attendance, Classwork, Interim Progress, and Report Cards.
Parent Links

Click here to see the list of Pottstown School District teachers and find your teacher's web page.  A teacher's web page can have a lot if important information that you might need.

Click here to see a list of extremely important resources that will help you with your child's education

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