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Personal Finance

Personal Finance Student resouces


WELCOME! In personal finance, students will learn how to make individual choices that directly influence career, financial and future goals. Real world topics covered include income, money management, credit, saving, and investing. Students will design personal and household budgets and utilize checking and savings accounts. Students will learn about finance, debt, and credit management, as well as learning how to evaluate and understand insurance and taxes. Students will leave this course with a foundational understanding necessary for making informed personal financial decisions leading to financial independence.

***This course is required for graduation. (.5 CREDIT)




Goal Setting – Future Planning

Day 1-8

SMART goals project, Career research, Goal Unit Test


Day 9-20

Trip Budget (vacation), Budget based on your future career, Budgeting Unit Test

Banking/Money Management

Day 21-38

Banking simulation, Banking document completion, Banking and Credit Card research project, Banking Unit Test

Investing, Insurance and Benefits

Day 39-43

Investment opportunities assignments, comparing pay vs. benefits case studies

Course Review and Final Exam

Day 44-45

Course Final

Checking/Money Management Simulation

Ongoing throughout semester

Completion of Personal Finance Simulation


The following scale will be used:

100 - 93% = A
92 - 85% = B
84 - 77% = C
76 - 70% = D
69 - 0% = F

Your Grade is broken down into 3 categories:

Homework/Practice = 10%

Employability Skills = 20% (5pts per day)

(Prepared, productive, professional)

Skills = 70%

(Major assignments/projects, tests, quizzes)

Grades will be updated and posted on eSchoolPlus weekly, students and parents are strongly encouraged to regularly check grades. Grade sheets may be sent home periodically and will require a parent signature to be returned and graded as homework/practice.


CELL PHONES: No cell phones will be allowed in class at any time, under any circumstance. School policy regarding the use of cell phones will be followed. Violation will result in the appropriate consequences outlined in the student handbook. See student handbook for information and disciplinary consequences.

LANGUAGE/ DISRUPTIVE BEHAVIOR: Foul language and negative discussion will not be tolerated. Cursing, inappropriate language and general disrespect will be dealt with promptly. Behavior that disrupts the learning/working process is not acceptable. The goal of the class is to create a safe learning environment where ALL can learn and succeed.

The consequences for inappropriate language/disruptive behavior of any kind will be as follows:

A. Verbal Warning and conference with teacher.

B. Note and/or phone call home to parents along with a detention.

C. Conference with parents and administration to determine appropriate disciplinary


COMPUTER/INTERNET USE: Using the school provided computers and internet is a privilege; failure to follow directions will result in those privileges being taken away. (The School’s Utilization of Technology Policy can be found in the student handbook.) Students should not use the Internet unless directed and then only use it for the assignment as directed.Game sites, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc are not appropriate for school and are prohibited!


Item(s) required/Expectation Failure to do so will result in:

Pen or pencil Zero (0) employability points for the day
Folder OR Binder Zero (0) employability points for the day
Notebook Zero (0) employability points for the day
Late to class (arrive AFTER the bell) Zero (0) employability points for the day
Name on ALL assignments Item/Assignment discarded – Loss of points

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