Homework is very important for students to complete. Homework is the practice of what they have learned in class that day. The students will never bring any assignment home that was not taught or gone over in class.

            Every night the students will be asked to read 20 minutes, and complete a math paper. Each day 1, students will be given a spelling tic-tac-toe which needs to be completed and handed in by day 5. There may also be occasional science and social studies assignments.

            Homework should not take any longer than 45 minutes each night (including their 20 mins. of reading). If your child is having a hard time and homework time is a serious struggle one night, just send in a little note to express your concerns. The point of homework assignments is to allow time to practice skills, not upset or frustrate them.

            The students are responsible to copy their homework for each night, in their homework books. I will sign everyone’s assignment book at the end of each day to make sure their homework is copied down correctly.





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