Career Planning

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Career Planning

Career Planning

The Pottstown High School Career Center provides students with a variety of services that include Career Exploration, Planning, and Placement.

Career Exploration services include evaluation tools to help students determine viable career options, research specific careers, and opportunities for students to participate in Job Shadowing and/or Internships. Additional opportunities may be available for students to visit job sites and attend career seminars with other area high school students to learn about specific careers.

Planning services include further investigation of careers to determine an appropriate path for students to achieve career goals.

Placement services may include Career or Work Study opportunities as well as opportunities for students to begin working in part-time, temporary, summer, volunteer, or even full-time positions. The Career Center also maintains the Job Hotline, where job openings are posted for students on a bulletin board outside of the cafeteria.

The Career Center also offers support to students for their Graduation Projects.

While support it available to students, the services offered by the Career Center do not guarantee job placements, duration of employment, or pay rates. Rather, these services are available to afford students the opportunity to succeed by building a positive foundation of self responsibility.

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