Reading Quiz


IMPORTANT!!  Due to power outages, caused by the storm, Food Distribution will be limited to RUPERT and LINCOLN Elementary Schools, from 3PM to 5PM today. There will still be plenty of food for all families. 

Reading Quiz

Quick Phonics Quiz
Take this fun quiz to see what your child may be working on this year.

How many syllables are in the word "elephant"?

What word best rhymes with Fox?

Choose the word that has a short vowel sound?

Which word contains a long vowel sound?

Select the word that contains an r-controlled vowel sound?

Which word contains a consonant digraph?

Which word contains a consonant blend?

Choose the word that contains a vowel team?

Which word best completes the sentence? The cherry ______________ was sweet and refreshing on such a hot day.

Choose the word to best complete this sentence. I rode the ____________ to the fifteenth floor.

To validate your submission, please answer the following math problem:

7 + 4 =
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